Urban Lettings

Helping connect landlords and tenants

Redesigning the Urban web app: a simplified all-in-one Real Estate management for both Landlords and Tenants.


Key challenges

The key challenges on Urban were to allow landlords manage enquiries and viewings for a property. We also wanted to enable prospective tenants to place an offer on a property.

Landlords were to receive offers for their property and to be able to do all the legal paper work via app instead of printing and signing face to face. The app should also allow tenants to raise complaints, landlords to manage their property portfolio and also create a space for them to manage documentation for their properties.


  • Managing enquiries and viewings
  • Tenant offer progression, Reference checks and Right to Rent
  • Offer acceptance
  • Property/ Let management

My role

Lead and solo designer— discovery, user research, design, micro interactions, testing


Managing enquiries

Initial discovery was conducted alongwith the product owner and tested out wireframes with existing users. It was decided that we would breakdown the initial requirements across different sections of the platform.

The high-fidelity wireframe displays how a landlord would receive enquiries on the platform and how they can interact with each enquiry. Each enquiry would have multiple exit points like - Further questions, Create an offer for the property, Create a viewing for the potential tenant.

The landlord would also be able to star/favourite conversations with tenants inorder to navigate and respond quickly to enquiries.



In the viewings section the landlord would be able to see upcoming viewings and respond to them as to whether they would like to accept, reject or propose a new time.

The landlord would also see a calendar view of any upcoming viewings they have for the month and edit their availability through here. For viewings that already have been conducted the landlord can proceed onto the next step of creating an offer from the potential tenant if the tenant has not made an offer directly from their account.


Offer Progression

In the offers section of the platform the landlord would be able the entire list of offers made to the property. From this screen the landlord would be able to continue onto the following steps:

1) Ask a question to the tenant about the offer 2) Reject the offer 3) Accept the offer

Once the landlord has accepted the offer they would be taken to the offers page wherein the landlord would confirm/enter details of all tenants and proceed with the reference check and right to rent

Property Performance

Property Dashboard

An experienced landlord could have upto 65 properties (real data) so we needed a way of displaying a good portion of these. The property dashboard provided the landlord with a holistic overview of activities happening with their property.

From this view they would be able to jump into any of the section/journeys as below

  • Edit property Listing
  • Manage property details
  • Documents & Certifications
  • Renew Let and manage tenant requirements
  • Property performance against comparables in the area


Below are some of the high-fidelity wireframes developed based off the customer flows. The branding and UI elements were deliberately kept to minimal inorder to challenge the concept and flow of the product instead of conversations around the detail of how elements look like.
The next stages involved adapting the platform based on the branding of our B2B clients.