Removing the noise between the business and it's customers

Building a CRM system to address issues faced by the clients - issues that leading CRM systems could not help resolve without layers of complex interactions


Key challenges

The business required an application from a customer through a series of customised flows based on whether they were buying or selling. Traditional CMS systems were unable to provide support to the workflow at such complex level.

A customer buying a property from the business would go through steps like : Completing the application, Getting approved for a mortgage, Approval, Offer progression, Mortgage process, Due diligence and completion.

Whereas an application to sell a house would go through steps like : Application, Inspection, Contract with buyer and Completion. On the selling side, each application would be passed across various departments within the business e.g. Surveryors, Sales, Finance, Compliance and Support.

The objective to build this CRM was to seamlessly allow the processing of each application end-to-end. Each application had a valuation attached to it which was time sensitive so it was essential that all key information is processed in a timely manner.


Working in an Agile environment with Daily Standups and weekly demos. I would often give a presentation to the team and various stakeholders.

The overall process was strategy, user research, design, usability testing and production.

Stakeholder Interviews

In the beginning, I interviewed stakeholders in order to find out more about the project with a list of high-level requirements:

Identify the project’s goals and deliverables

Identify team members and their responsibilities

Develop a rough product plan

Define the key success factors