Urban user onboarding journey


Urban Lettings - Landlords on Urban would signup for a Tenant finder service with the website. The website had a very basic registration and checkout journey, the conversion rate of the website was 1.67%. The business wanted to look into onboarding the users more easily as well as being able to up-sell addons to the landlords.

Also given the current look and feel, a much slicker and smoother process was needed.


After extensive user research, conducting client interviews and understanding user behaviours a new onboarding journey was designed. The User journey begins with the landlord entering their property details and building their advert through the journey. Addons are introduced at various points in the journey which relate to the information being captured from the user. By the time the user reaches the end of the journey they would already have created their advert and selected their add-ons by this point.

One of the interesting aspects of this project was that we did not only look into making the customer journey smoother, but we also managed to solve operational issues through design. The business required to complete certain steps for compliance - in the old journey this was done offline and usually resulted in lot of delay from both parties. By embedding the compliance within the onboarding journey itself, we managed to reduce inbound calls into the call centre and also reduced the time it took for the customer's advert to go live.


  • Research (Who are the users? Where do they drop off? Why are they dropping off from the cycle? Are they choosing any Add-ons?)
  • Documentation
  • Create early low-fi designs and maintain constant communication with stakeholders (keep everyone in the loop to prevent big surprises)
  • Iterate & test (user test where possible)
  • Create interactive prototypes for testing
  • Iterate & test (user test where possible)
  • Support implementation
  • Measure results and track the success of the project based on data.

Wireframes, UX Flows, Personas

Visuals & Assets

Presentations, UI Kit


Desktop and Mobile devices

Technologies used:

Adobe Photoshop CC, Sketch, VWO, Google Analytics, Google Optimise