Mintel Store


Mintel is a global and award-winning provider of Market Research. We deliver top-class data, market research, trends & insights to impact all type of business. The Mintel Store was the result of a brainstorm between myself and the Head of Digital Marketing, we developed a working prototype with limited resources at hand and presented it to stakeholders who saw value in the proposition. After the initial launch in 2012, we did a redesign of the store with limited resources at hand in the last quarter of 2016. Working closely with the VP of Digital Marketing, I delivered user flows, UI and Visual designs for a responsive website led the release in less than 3 months. In terms of the UI we decided to use Google Material Design as the base of the design and interaction framework due to the indepth research available for us to make better decisions for creating a better user experience.


  • Research (Who are the users? What is the product? What are the goals?)
  • Documentation
  • Collaborate and build relationships (users, stakeholders, devs)
  • Create early low-fi designs and maintain constant communication with stakeholders (keep everyone in the loop to prevent big surprises)
  • Iterate & test (user test where possible)
  • Create interactive prototypes and socialise with stakeholders
  • Iterate & test (user test where possible)
  • Support implementation
  • Track the success of the project based on data.

Wireframes, UX Flows, Mood boards, Personas

Visuals & Assets



Desktop and Mobile devices

Softwares used:

Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Dreamweaver CC, Axure

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