Emoov – Valuation Journey


Valuation journey - Customers landing on the website use the book a valuation option to get valuation of their properties. A local property agent visits the customer to provide an accurate valuation of their property and also looks into cross-selling other services and addons to the customer.

There was a considerable drop in the number of people booking in the valuations. The issue lied in the number of steps, lack of clarity and explaining users the entire process.


Based on user research and data, we tried to reduce the number of steps for a user to book in their valuation appointment. After initial prototype testing, we also added in key field identifiers for lead allocation and flagging high quality leads.


There was an uplift of 33.83% in terms of people booking in valuations through the new journey.


  • Research (Who are the users? Where do they drop off? Why are they dropping off from the cycle? Are they choosing any Add-ons?)
  • Documentation
  • Create early low-fi designs and maintain constant communication with stakeholders (keep everyone in the loop to prevent big surprises)
  • Iterate & test (user test where possible)
  • Create interactive prototypes for testing
  • Iterate & test (user test where possible)
  • Support implementation
  • Measure results and track the success of the project based on data.

Wireframes, UX Flows, Personas

Visuals & Assets



Desktop and Mobile devices

Technologies used:

Adobe Photoshop CC, Sketch, VWO, Google Analytics, Google Optimise